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Sat, Sep. 10th, 2005, 09:38 am
subj; *******************so you think you can dance

hoe get down get low

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Wed, Jul. 6th, 2005, 10:35 am
subj; my days in Sin City (VEGAS)

foremost, i'd like to embark on how i am in a blessed state to be "home-sweet-home". i could not stay  in vegas any longer, conspicuously, with my family who were consistently arguing. i'd also like to give special thanks to Philo Farnsworth for being a brilliant genius, without him there would be no television(served me good during the vacation). lol anyway, as a grand tradition for my underage-self, i raided the arcades, along with my more-of-a-youngin` cousins'; i collected my tickets and picked out my scrubby prizes, which seemingly was worth 8686698232121897964 less than all my money accumulated into winning those prizes. damn, currency-stealing-game-machines. furthermore, i stood in lines to watch comedy and magic shows with my family. the shows were relatively blah entertaining . the best part of the whole trip was the hotel suite and simply "chilling" inside or in the pool. what sucked was the fact that there was no oppurtunity for me to hang out with joice, jovi, mark, and phi. i had my sepereate plans(cable tv and more cable tv lol just kidding) and transportation was another issue for me.

these pictures are bad quality, i apologize

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Wed, Jun. 8th, 2005, 10:39 am
subj; wow, what a great father i have, sarcastically speaking

before i layed my debilitated self to bed lastnight, i discover an array of brochures disposed on my bed. i grab the brochures and scan through them, reading the headings, which some said "Protect Yourself From HIV/AIDS", "Facts About HIV/AIDS", "SAFE SEX", and blah blah. i knew it was my dad who placed those there. for a quick second, i found it humourous, soon after, felt offended, so i tossed them all in the wastebasket. im going to try to get used to these unfrequent lectures, talks, or messages from my parents. hmm, the atypical life of a downe person... its not only about sex, its about having apsjdgpaoy sex.

Sat, Jun. 4th, 2005, 03:24 pm
subj; got jacked?

colene, ruvy, and i were peacefully walking to our destination---park la brea for our weekly game of volleyball. we were two or three blocks away from school when barato, inútil, estúpido, no bueno muchachos negros approached us. two of them commenced to walk towards me attempting to snatch my unavailing-no-internet-sidekick out of my hand, but were unsuccessful. i immediately secured my sidekick in my sweater pouch in the front. one of them grips onto my wrist instructing me to give up my phone. i refused to do so, with a consecutive reply of "no". colene pulled me away and we aimlessly walk towards the entire entourage. at this point, i was fucking ready to whip some ass! no im kidding, i was ready to urinate in my pants! there were atleast 9, the most 12, fuck it, there were a lot of those fuck-ups waiting for us. i saw their attentive, watchful faces scanning us in detail for any accessible gadgets. they decide to circle their target(oh lord, it was me. whyyyy?)! i was the small mouse and they were the fucking malnourished cats eager to tear up their prey. *this is when  everything was a blur (lol no really) and all i clearly saw was a glare of sunlight coming between the faces of the guys* but i heard one of them saying "stop, theres someone watching." the circle is broken and i continued walking, along with ruvy and colene, powerless and terrified. next, i see a dark arm reaching out infront of me. i was anticipating a physical assualt of some sort, but the person decided to yank my headphones, expecting my mp3 player still attached to it. i confronted the person face-to-face and break silence by saying "give me back my shit". wasnt the toughest, but i said something and i tried. then, i heard colene yelling "chad, just leave it, lets go." i was anxious to leave, so i left my headphones and walked away with colene and ruvy, while hearing triumphant-vulgar statements, like "yeah bitch better walk away!"

the biggest coincidence, joker, jose, justin, bryan,  and kristine also encountered these losers in the bus several minutes before we did. joker was listening to ruvy's ipod when these guys yanked it by the wire of the headphones. joker tried to yank back, but the guys over powered him and went off with only the headphones. i wasnt there, so i dont know what really happen.

Fri, Jun. 3rd, 2005, 10:49 pm
subj; sad sad very sad

what's new with chad? hmm, i got mugged today. fucking ghetto. i'll elaborate on what happen tomorrow. time to sleep, gnight.

Wed, Jun. 1st, 2005, 05:38 pm
subj; ghetto

"Southern-style, get wild, old skools comin’ down in a different color whip"


Tue, May. 31st, 2005, 10:01 am
subj; a bitter taste of my own medicine

i frequently dont do it, actually i scarcely do, only when i feel like shit, but deem last friday as my conclusion to smoking cigarettes! screw cigarettes and its backlash! ive learned my lesson and im grieving the consequence.

Tue, May. 24th, 2005, 10:36 am
subj; update

yesterday, i skipped school because i had to wait for the delivery man to deliver my sidekick2 seeing that  nobody else was going to be home. i got it, but its not that exciting without internet connection. i also had to work on my history project, but my parents didnt need to know that.

&my whole weekend was spent at the beach.

Fri, May. 20th, 2005, 06:40 pm
subj; feeling antsy


this phone will be in my possession in a day or two. *wheeee* *commence to pop booty* hell yeah. this phone will conjointly be my "digital camera" (due to lack of dinero, i cant invest on a real one) and my miniature "lap top". oooooohh la la! i cant wait. ciao!

Sat, May. 14th, 2005, 12:19 pm
subj; eat shit bitches =]

we lost in semi finals. im dignified we made it this far. lastnight, i was in CSUN watching the championships for city and invitational(this could've/should've been us). i had a lively time merely because there were drop-dead attractive people throughout the gym. and the skills these two schools had (taft and chatsworth) were considerably ill. truly inspired me to train myself harder. then again, its so much easier said than done. i am the apathetic and cynical type. (i'll work on changing that)

i feel like thrifting, but im broke as a motherfucker.

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